A dogwatcher’s diary

Dr. Anindita Bhadra is a behavioural biologist, working on the behavioural ecology and cognition of free-ranging dogs in India. While pet dogs are studied extensively and compared with wolves in order to understand the evolution of the dog-human relationship, free-ranging dogs in India provide the perfect model system for studying them in nature, and building an understanding of the intrinsic nature of dogs. Using the free-ranging dogs, Anindita tries to understand the evolution of the dog-human relationship. She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences, and the Associate Dean of International Relations and Outreach at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata, India. She is enthusiastic about science education, communication, outreach and policy. She was involved in the founding of the Indian National Young Academy of Science (INYAS), where she served as the founding Chairperson (2015-18). She is currently serving as a Co-Chair of the Global Young Academy. Anindita is a mother of two and an active thespian.

She spoke on some of her findings that reveal their family lives and their abilities to adapt to living among humans. It was a great session

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