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Photo: Mr. Mohan Thomas

Echoes Of The Indian Jungles

A Podcast series by Nature Walk Charitable Trust

These are challenging as well as interesting times for all of us. On one hand we are missing our beloved jungle experiences but also it forces us to think about natural environment and preservation. It also makes us look closely into roles and contributions of various dedicated people supporting this cause of wildlife awareness and preservation. A silver lining to this dark cloud of current pandemic is that many such dedicated people are available online and enthusiastic about sharing their experiences.
Nature Walk Charitable Trust routinely works closely with many such dedicated people from Top officers of Forest Department (such as Shri Nitin Kakodkar, Shri. Sunil Limaye), Wildlife scientists (such as Dr Varad Giri), to Wildlife photographers and film makers (such as Shri Rajesh Bedi, Shri. Mohan Thomas, Shri. Clement Francis) and many more.
We have put together an interesting Podcast series which captures their vast experiences and unique perspective towards Indian jungles. We do plan to continue this even after the current pandemic. So grab those headphones and get ready to listen to jungle echoes from variety these experts.

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Photo by: Mr. Mohan Thomas